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Derek Martin Memorial Fly In

RR Hucknall MAC will be holding a three day fly in on the August bank holiday weekend in memory of Derek Martin.

The three day event will take place on Saturday 28th, Sunday 29th & Monday 30th August (Brought forward to 27th) with camping available at no charge.

This is a free open event and all are welcome, if you would like to fly at the event then you must have proof of BMFA insurance.

There will be a bring & buy taking place so if you would like to attend to sell off some of your unwanted RC items, including swapmeet trade sellers. Flying will start at 10am

To book in please contact the club secretary at secretary@hucknall-mac.org Location: Rolls Royce Hucknall Model Aircraft Club, Felly Mill Lane South, Underwood, Nottingham, NG16 5GF

BMFA - Covid Restrictions Update (All UK Areas)

The regulations surrounding the easing of restrictions from Monday 29th March have been released. See https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2021/364/schedule/1/made

Model flying club sites can reopen from Monday 29th March.

Where a club is operating in a COVID secure manner and has implemented the BMFA 6 Steps to Covid security guidance in full (see https://clubsupport.bmfa.uk/6-steps-to-covid-secure ) the gathering limits (Rule of 6) do NOT apply.

It is important to note that after conducting the required COVID risk assessment that a club may need to implement a restriction on numbers to enable the correct social distancing.

For model flying activity outside of the control of a model flying club the gathering limits still apply.

The ‘Stay-local’ rule will be lifted from Saturday 27th March and unrestricted travel within the Welsh borders will be permitted. Please note that non-essential travel into Wales is still not permitted for at least two further weeks.

Model flying club sites can be open. A maximum of 6 people from 2 households can take part in model flying activity.

Local outdoor informal recreation and sport is permitted. This can be in groups up to a maximum of 4 people from a maximum of 2 households. The Scottish government is aiming to lift all restrictions on journeys in mainland Scotland from 26th April.

Outdoor recreation can start and finish at a place in your local authority area (or up to 5 miles from its boundary).

See https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-stay-at-home-guidance/

Organised model flying activity, in groups of up to 15 people, can take place at club sites which are operating in a COVID secure manner and which is overseen by a COVID officer. See https://sportscotland.org.uk/media/6446/return-to-sport-and-physical-activity-guidance-120321-final.pdf (page 7)

Northern Ireland
From 1st April, model flying club sites can re-open; however, club houses and indoor facilities, with the exception of essential toilet facilities, must remain closed. Gathering limits of up to 10 people from not more than 2 households apply.

From 15th April up to 15 people can take part provided the club is operating in a COVID secure manner and has implemented the BMFA 6 Steps to Covid security guidance in full. (see https://clubsupport.bmfa.uk/6-steps-to-covid-secure )

See https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/articles/coronavirus-covid-19-regulations-guidance-what-restrictions-mean-you#toc-16

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Flying Bedstead Competition

Flying Bedstead Remember the Rolls-Royce Flying Bedstead?
The Hucknall Flight Test Museum have launched a new Flying Bedstead modelling competition. Check out the link and have go!

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BMFA - Covid-19 Regulations Update (England & Northern Ireland)

There is no change that affects model aircraft flying in Tiers 1, 2 and 3 in England since our last update on 4/12/2020.
See https://bmfa.org/News/News-Page/ArticleID/2703/COVID-19-Regulations-Update-4-12-2020

However, the Government have introduced a fourth Tier which currently covers London and much of the South East and a number of other areas.

In the new Tier 4 the instruction is that you must stay at home, apart from a limited number of exceptions. One of those exceptions is “to visit a public outdoor place for the purposes of open air recreation” and the definition of a public outdoor place includes “outdoor sportsgrounds or sports facilities” and therefore it is possible for model flying clubs to remain open and for model aircraft flying to take place within the regulations.

However, the regulations restrict an outdoor gathering at outdoor sportsgrounds or sports facilities to a maximum of two people in Tier 4 areas. Clubs should carefully consider what steps they need to take to ensure that no more then two people gather together, or whether it is advisable to have more than two people at the site at any one time.

The whole of Wales is currently at Covid alert level 4 and the Welsh Government has instructed all leisure facilities to close which includes model flying clubs.

Model flying itself has not been specifically prohibited. However, you should not be driving to get to somewhere to fly model aircraft, and the need to carry your equipment by car is not regarded as a justification on its own for driving in these circumstances.

Model Aircraft flying is permitted in all Covid protection levels and organised indoor flying is permitted in Levels 0, 1 and 2 for over 18s and also in Level 3 for under 18s. Please note most areas of Scotland will be moving to Protection level 4 on 26th December.

Northern Ireland
From 26th December all sports facilities such as leisure centres, gyms, health clubs, swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses, including model flying clubs must close

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BMFA - Covid-19 Regulations Update (England & Northern Ireland)

The legislation relating to COVID-19 restrictions in place from December 2nd has been published.

There is now an exemption in place where people can gather in groups larger than 6 in outdoor places for organised outdoor sport and physical activity. This applies in all tiers.
Therefore model flying clubs can operate with more than 6 members present, however social distancing must still be maintained and clubs must operate in a Covid secure way.

Clubs should consider how many members can be accommodated safely at their flying sites based on their particular circumstances.

See https://clubsupport.bmfa.uk/6-steps-to-covid-secure

Organised indoor flying is permitted in Tier 1, but only if the rule of 6 is followed.

In Tier 2 it is only permitted if it is possible for members to avoid mixing with people they do not live with (or share a support bubble with). See https://www.gov.uk/guidance/local-restriction-tiers-what-you-need-to-know

With the end of the ‘firebreak’ lockdown in Wales model flying clubs can now re-open with a maximum number on site of 30 people.

Please see the Welsh Government guidance at https://gov.wales/coronavirus-regulations-guidance

Clubs must take all reasonable measures to manage risk and maintain physical distancing.
For guidance on reasonable measures see https://gov.wales/taking-all-reasonable-measures-minimise-risk-exposure-coronavirus-workplaces-and-premises-open and https://clubsupport.bmfa.uk/6-steps-to-covid-secure

Model Aircraft flying is permitted in all levels and organised indoor flying is permitted in Levels 0, 1 and 2 for over 18s and also in Level 3 for under 18s.

Northern Ireland
Tighter restrictions are in place from 27th November 2020 until 23:59 on 10th December that prohibit indoor and outdoor sport.
Unfortunately this means that model aircraft flying should not take place during this period.

Travel for model aircraft flying.

The Government advise that those in Tier 1 and 2 should avoid travelling to Tier 3 areas and that those in Tier 3 areas should avoid travelling outside of their area.

There are no travel restrictions in place within Wales. However, the Welsh Government are asking everyone to think carefully about the journeys they take and the people they meet.

Travel into Wales from tier three areas in England, level three and four areas in Scotland and from Northern Ireland is not currently permitted for model aircraft flying.

Visitors from other parts of the UK are not prohibited in law from entering Wales. However, the Welsh Government advise people to think carefully about travelling to Wales and they strongly advise those living in Tier 2 areas in England or areas in Scotland level 2 do not travel to Wales.

You should not travel in to or out of Level 3 and Level 4 areas for model aircraft flying.

If you live in a Level 0, 1, or 2 area in Scotland, or are considering travel to Scotland from anywhere else, you should minimise unnecessary journeys between areas in different levels and you must, by law, avoid any unnecessary travel to places in Level 3 or Level 4 areas.

Under current Scottish regulations you must not travel between Scotland and the other UK nations for the purposes of model aircraft flying. This applies to people who live in Scotland and to people who live in the other UK nations who are thinking of going to Scotland.

See https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-guidance-on-travel-and-transport/ BMFA logo
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BMFA - Covid-19 Regulations Update (England & Northern Ireland)

The Government have released updated guidance that comes into effect from 2nd December when local restriction tiers will replace the current National restrictions in England.

Based on this guidance, and subject to Parliamentary confirmation, Model Flying Clubs in all Tiers can re-open; however, you are expected to operate in a Covid-secure way.
See https://clubsupport.bmfa.uk/6-steps-to-covid-secure

The rule of 6 also applies in all Tiers and you should not organise gatherings of more than 6 people. However, should more than 6 people independently attend a flying site this does not appear to be a breach of the regulations provided that they do not mingle.
Members should avoid travelling in to and out of Tier 3 (Very High Alert) areas.

Northern Ireland
Tighter restrictions are in place from 27th November 2020 until 23:59 on 10th December that prohibit indoor and outdoor sport, unfortunately this means that model aircraft flying should not take place during this period.

See https://www.executiveoffice-ni.gov.uk/covid-19... BMFA logo


Further to the announcement from the Prime Minister on Saturday regarding new restrictions in response to the rapidly increasing cases of COVID-19, we must now update our advice for England to reflect this.

Members should continue to keep themselves updated on current government and NHS advice. Please see https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus for the latest information.

Members are advised to follow the precautions provided by the NHS at all times details of which you can find here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

Subject to a vote of Parliament, the Government will introduce further restrictions from Thursday 5th November until 2nd December (at the earliest), which limit the reasons why people can now leave their homes for at least the next four weeks (see https://www.gov.uk/.../new-national-restrictions-from-5...).

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BMFA - Covid-19 and a return to the skies - Update

Further to yesterdays update and in response to a number of member questions, we would like to add the following

Whilst a return to model flying is now possible for some (in England only) it cannot be considered as being business as usual. A trip to the flying site to socialise with more than one other member is not permitted under the current government advice and you should not be making arrangements to meet a group of others to go flying.

Please see link for more details.

The committee have reviewed the latest advice and have provided guidance in the members news section. BMFA logo

BMFA - Covid-19 and a return to the skies

The UK government has indicated that there will be some ‘relaxation’ of the current restrictions and that from Wednesday 13th May it will be possible to leave home and drive somewhere to engage in a sporting/recreational activity. Please see link for more detail.

The committee are reviewing this update and hope to give guidance regarding the safe use of the field shortly. Until that guidance is available, please do not use the field. BMFA logo

COVID-19 - Government advice

In response to instructions from Government all club meetings are postponed.

Please stay safe and do your part in saving lives.
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BMFA - Model flying and the COVID-19 Virus

Please see recent news article for members. BMFA logo

BMFA - Important Update

Good morning, following the recent update from the CAA we have had correspondence from members asking for clarification on the matter.

As always, the BMFA's CEO has been in communication with the CAA over the matter with the hope of bringing a clearer picture and concrete guidance for BMFA members.

With the social media rumour mill doing its best to muddy the waters, can we ask that our members please sit tight for 24 hours whilst Dave Phipps works hard for a clearer resolution. BMFA logo

Further updates will follow... please keep checking the BMFA's Official Facebook page, our website and your emails for further guidance.

This bulletin has since been updated - See Article 2640

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