Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join Hucknall Model Aircraft Club?

There is a limit on membership numbers, which means we sometimes have a waiting list of people wishing to join.
We encourage membership from the local community as a priority.

Are there any special conditions that a person who wishes to join must meet?

Yes, we are a BMFA affiliated Club, which means you must become a member of the BMFA, either through us, independently or even via another model club.

How much does it cost to join the Club per year?

This depends on the type of membership you are taking.  The rates of membership are amended annually at the AGM.  At present there are a number of variations.
The fees are usually comprised of three elements:

1) Joining fee for new members
2) Club fee
3) BMFA fee

What types of model can be flown at Hucknall Model Aircraft Club?

Radio Control models (all sizes and types, providing they comply with Club Rules on noise limits)
Control line models (providing they comply with Club Rules on noise limits)

We are NOT permitted to fly free flight models.

Can First Person View (FPV) model aircraft be flown at the flying site?

Yes, we can fly model aircraft using FPV, in accordance with the conditions laid down by the BMFA and the Club Rules regarding FPV flight.

Are there any noise restrictions?

We operate to the BMFA/DoE recommendations to control and limit noise nuisance.  All new models are checked for noise level, and if not compliant, a Noise Control Officer will assist the modeller to determine ways to achieve a satisfactory noise level.  This advice is at no cost to the Club modeller.  Pulse jets are banned at all times.

Can Hucknall Model Aircraft Club teach me to fly a radio control model?

Yes, we have trainers who operate to the BMFA recommendations, can advise on suitable radio equipment and models, and also advise on building them.

Can Hucknall Model Aircraft Club help me get my BMFA 'A', 'B' and 'Examiner' certificate?

We have BMFA certified examiners who can test you on the 'A' & 'B' certificate, however, the BMFA Chief Examiner provides the service for 'Examiner' certification if we recommend you.

Do you have regular Club meetings and competitions?

We have a monthly Club meeting where both Club members and other interested visitors can meet.