Hitec Aurora 9

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Re: Hitec Aurora 9

Postby Thommo » Fri Feb 22, 2013 7:49 pm

Finally got to use the Aurora 9 in my Yak 55 last week; did a ground range check with engine running (JC28 petrol), 100 paces later still had full control so gave up at that, no problem there.
Also laid to rest the concerns some people had about the Optima 7 Rx only having one BODA aerial and that a large petrol engine could block the signal:


Had a couple of flights and no problem whatsoever, solid control at all times, as it should be. 8-)
I enabled the low voltage warning function for the Rx, though I wasn't sure what to set it to initially; the model uses a 2500 mah 2S A123 LiFe pack which has a nominal voltage of 6.6v. Came across this graph on http://www.hangtimes.com/index.html


The top line shows discharge curve for A123 pack so I tried setting alarm at 6.1v, this proved too high as I found that any manoeuver involving large rudder deflections, such as flick rolls or sustained knife edge, had the Tx beeping momentarily. The Tx records the high & low peaks during flight, after 2 flights the lowest was 5.9v, so have now set alarm at 5.8v and will see how it goes.


After two 20 minute flights, plus range testing, setting engine up etc I re-charged battery which only needed 480mah, so approximately 200mah per flight which gives a theoretical potential of 12 20 minute flights per charge, but allowing for a 50% safety margin still leaves 6 flights with plenty in reserve.
One thing I found annoying with Aurora Tx is that the countdown timer beeps on the minute every minute which is distracting and confusing as it is the same as low battery warning, apart from that I'm getting to like this gear more & more. 8-)
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